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Investors and Startup Founders

Startup Investing

The biggest problem the startup founders have
is finding a person to believe in them.

Investor Sharks

The best way to multiply money is
believe in ideas that solve problems.

Investment Research

We research on startups before
listing here and invite you to presentations.

Next Generation Technologies

Award winning Technology
that would fuel Next Generation Social and Business Networks

Role Based Collaboration

Role Based Peer-To-Peer Communication

Award Winning Entrepreneurs

You will be connecting with award winning founders who struggled like you.

Fine Tune your Business Model

Younger Entrepreneurs often need help in Marketing and we could help.

Our Services

Startup Mentoring

As Inventor of The Role Based FANSIAL® NETWORK, We know that pain, struggle and sleepless nights that every Entrepreneurs undergoes. We can help to finetune your pitch and guide you for the right Explainer.

Investment Opportunity

We are connected to founders of great startups. If you are in investor, not happy with your stockmarket and other returns, they is no harm to watch presentations.

Shark Connection

A Personal call to a millionaire always helps. If your pitch got potential, we can make a phone call to a Shark Investor supported by a great explainer and they may seek a one to one with you.

Institutional Investors

We have several projects that you can invest.

Small Business Loan Providers

You are welcome to join in that Role Contact Us


If you are a millionaire, join the millionaire shark club. Know that with LatterBox™ your identity is protected. Contact Us

Why Choose Startups2Fund.com

We Are Entrepreneurs

We envisioned the Internet of Roles aka The New Internet where Roles can Collaborate. We know the struggle of Entrepreneurs. They need help with funding, marketing and mentoring.

We Are Creative

With so many factors to consider when deciding how to grow your startup , wouldn’t it be great to have a group of forward-thinking, well-informed entrepreneurs on board who know what you need?

Risk Analysis

When It is crowd funding, we advise to start small and in a year or two invest smart. We do the risk analysis.


Stock Market is Highest Risk. Real Estate and Small Business returns are in 20%/year average. Startup Investments if done smartly is safer than Stock Market. We also invest and so know that, if you lose money, we also lose money.

If you have any query related investment...
we are available 24/7

Things You Get

Creative Support

We transform brands, grow businesses, and tell brand and product stories in a most creative way.

Creating Experiences

We cover a large range of creative platforms and digital projects with one purpose: to create experiences.

Product Consulting

We guide you through the pipelines that generate new products with higher potential and lower risk.

Business Boosting

We provide energy-efficient and environmentally conservative solutions to our clients to boost their business.

Strategic Approach

Based on solid strategic framework and real, relevant research, we create prototypes, not presentations.

Logistic Consulting

We work buy side and sell side to give our clienrts hard hitting answers and focus hard on best opportunities.

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do the big things.

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